Technical assistance and maintenance

Technical assistance and maintenance



Nowadays, advanced medical equipment requires scheduled maintenance intervals to ensure proper operation and a long service life.

Thanks to the considerable experience gained over the years, DMED offers technical assistance services specialized in the field of medical devices, with particular attention to the washing, disinfection and sterilization of medical equipment with the main focus in northern Italy.

On-call technical assistance services and maintenance contracts are carried out with planned interventions on different types of medical equipment and health equipment such as:

Thermodisinfection washer and chemical disinfection bench and under floor

  • Thermodisinfection washer and chemical disinfection with high productivity systems for the sterilization centers
  • Lavararrelli and lavaletti.
  • Autoclaves Lava-endoscopes Pass carts with white area separation.
  • Washing systems for cages and trolleys for research centers
  • Drying cabinets Ultrasonic washing devices
  • Automatic systems for chemical dosing

Apply to the following areas:

  • Hospital
  • Pharmaceutical Laboratories
  • Research centers

Thanks to the experience gained and the constant technical training, we are able to transfer the knowledge also on equipment not listed. Furthermore, support is provided for external technical assistance at hospitals and / or private facilities, also on behalf of client companies on request.