R & D Consulting

R & D Consulting


The consulting service offers, research and development of machinery suitable for the washing and disinfection process, thermal or chemical, of medical equipment or medical devices, paying particular attention to the suitability of the materials and the general stability requirements, thus obtaining a certified product in line with the new directive 2007 / 47CE (modifying directive 93/42 / EEC) and ISO 15883, taking into consideration the technology and functionality of the equipment to be processed.

DMED works in the development and management of projects of the following medical devices:

Ultrasonic cleaning devices
Bench-top and under-counter thermodisinfection washer
Thermodisinfection washer with high productivity systems for the sterilization centers
Lavararrelli and lavaletti.
Washing machine with chemical disinfection
Washing systems for cages and trolleys for research centers
Pass carts with white area separation.
Automatic systems for chemical dosing

Apply to the following areas:

  • Hospital
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Laboratories and research centers